Today (22-01-2014) , Adobe Connect at DeIC was upgraded to version 9.1.

The new version includes the following improvements :

1) Direct selection of cameras and microphones

  • Microphone and camera can now be directly selected in the top bar of the meeting room without using the Audio Setup Wizard.
  • Click on the arrow next to the microphone icon, or camera icon, and select the right sound or camera device.

2) Support for wide angle video format ( 16:9)
  • It is now possible to take advantage of the full focal length of a webcam with 16:9 ratio.
  • Thus, it is now easier to cover a cramped video conference room with an existing webcam with a large focal length.

3) Mp4 and flv video files can now be run on any platform with your organization's own login ( WAYF )

  • If mp4 files and flv files are uploaded to the Content area on the administration site:, the videos will run on all popular platforms (Windows, Mac , Linux, iOS, Android) .
  • The files should be saved in a format that is appropriate for playback on the web (eg. HD resolution approx. 800 kbit / sec ).
  • The files can be protected with your organization's own login ( WAYF ), or they can be made fully accessible to anyone who knows the URL of the video.

4) Designated passcode on recordings

  • Just as it is possible to protect meeting rooms with a custom passcode, this can now also be applied to recordings.
  • It requires that the recording is moved to the Content area in Connect, where a designated passcode can be defined.
  • Next, the URL for the recording, together with the passcode, can be sent to specific users.

5) Better statistics on viewings of recordings

  • If the recording is moved to the Content area in Connect, better statistics can also be achieved.
This includes:
  • a) Who has viewed the recordings (requires users to log in)
  • b) How many times has the recording been viewed
  • c) How long time has each user been viewing the recording

We look forward to hearing more about your experiences with the new version at: .

DeiC - Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation