Zi8 - Pocket Cam

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The Zi8 camera is an ideal camera for easy, light weight recording of interviews, product demonstrations, documenation and the like, where quality is not the highest priority, yet the camera is able to produce a good quality image as well.


Immediately after turning on the camera, the quality setting for the video recording is being showed on
the screen. The choices are 1080p (best for viewing on an HDTV), 720p/60 fps (Best for sports and action, where capturing movement is important), 720p (best for general computer use) and WVGA (best for conserving memory space on the memory card + directly web-ready). The last option is for still images, if you want to use the camera as a normal still image digital camera.

For most productions, the WVGA option will be sufficient and the best to choose, since you can record for the longest time on the supplied 8 GB SD card and the quality is for the most uses good enough. Use the jog stick in the middle of the camera to go either left or right and make a selection.

Kodak Zi8 - Pocket Camera

The Zi8 has a built-in microphone which records decent sound at close range. If you need better sound, it is possible to connect an external microphone of your choice via the supplied minijack plug. We are in the process of acquiring some lapel (clip on) microphones specifically for this camera, which will greatly improve the sound quality. Until then, you will need to use your own microphones, if you have any.


Sharing your videos to YouTube is very easy.

Windows PC Users

With the supplied software, Arcsoft MediaImpression, which you are prompted to install when first connecting the Zi8 to your computer, has a built in function to "Send to Youtube".

Mac OSX Users

(Snow Leopard) Open your movie in Quicktime Player X. Here you will find an option called "Sharing" and there you can choose Youtube. Type in your username and password, and the video will be uploaded directly.

(Leopard and older) Open your movie in Quicktime. In the File menu, there is an option called "Sharing...". There you can choose quality of the video, Large is preferable. Export the video and upload manually to YouTube on their website.

For more information about sharing, go to our Sharing Videos Online section.