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Website See below | Cost: Free | Level of Difficulty: | Easy | Pro | Easy to use | Con: Audience needs access to computer/mobile phone

There are a number of free web based audience response systems which allows you to let your students use laptops or mobile devices to provide you with response to your surveys, evaluations, brainstorms or tests. . With these it is easy to prepare polls or make them on the spot.

Requires no software installed on your computer. You only need to create an account, create the poll (2 minutes) and then copy the polls url into your browser.

Equipment Needed
Computer, built in or external web cam, built in or external microphone.

Recommended websites allows up to 200 responses per month for free, asking 10 questions per survey. has no limits (so far)
Polleverywhere has many more features but only 40 users at a time.
Shakespeak -