podcast_logo.pngDuring 2009 the IT University will make a policy for this area, and the policy will be described on this page. Until then, you can do as you please, but as with other publications, you must be aware of the legal issues of making teaching material available online.

Technical issues and choice of platform

If you receive assistance from Interaction & Learning Unit with regard to production and publishing of podcasts, we provide you with the following options for distribution:

  1. Place the file in our media library (from where you can make them available online or through a link in an e-mail, either with or without password protection)
  2. Upload the file to the IT University Vimeo Account (from where you can embed your video file in other online media)

You can of course also do both.

Legal issues

If you are in doubt, you can get help from experts in Forskningsnettet. Information and contact details in Danish can be found here: http://www.uni-c.dk/jura/


If you recieve help form Interaction & Learning Unit with regard to podcast production and distribution, we will ask you to sign below agreement, which ensures that

- You (the teacher) keep the right to the produced material
- We (Interaction & Learning Unit) has received the right to publish online (under the described circumstances)