is a collaborative word processor, not unlike Google Docs. It works like the "now dead" Google Wave, so that you can see what other people are typing, as they are typing it. Also, at the end of a session, you will be able to go into a timeline view in order to see the progression of the document.

Feature List
- Basic word processor features
- Multiple User collaboration
- Easy document creation and sharing
- Chat functionality
- "Time Slider"
- Import Options
  * Text (.txt / .rtf)
  * HTML (.htm / .html)
  * Word (.doc)
- Export Options
  * HTML (.htm / .html)
  * Word (.doc)
  * Plain text (.txt)
  * PDF (.pdf)
  * OpenDocument (.odt)
  * Bookmark file
- Undo/Redo functionality

Getting Started

Point your browser at http://TypeWith.Me, click the big blue button saying "Click to Create a New Document" and you are off. From here you can copy the link in the address bar and send it to anyone you want to type with and once they have entered the document, their name with pop up in the menu to the right. You are now collaborating with a partner in the same document.

Using TypeWith.Me is like using any other word processor, but with some added functionality in regards to real time communication.


The word processor includes basic features such as change the font weight to bold or italic, add underline or through line to your text, create indents and lists. You also have the option to save the document at will, but due to the interesting "Time Slider", you have backups of everything that has been typed at any given second.

Social Typing

The more social features of TypeWith.Me includes a user list, where every user has a specific color and a chat area. The user color is added to everything that particular user is typing in the document as a highlight. The highlight can be turned on and off at will, but it is a very cool feature to keep track of who has been writing what.

The Time Slider

One of the very unique features of the TypeWith.Me web application, is the "Time Slider". Say you have been typing with a couple of co-workers in a document for a day or so. Text has been added, removed, rearranged and by the end of the day, while reviewing the document, the one paragraph you all seemed to love had disappeared. Of course, you can go and look at the different revisions of the document from every time you have saved. But you can also click the "Time Slider" button and see the document play back as it was typed, letter for letter. You can then find the time when the particular paragraph was written, copy it and insert it back into your document.


TypeWith.Me supports several types of formats, both for importing and exporting. You can import standard txt, doc, html, and RTF files and when you are done working with them in TypeWith.Me, you can export them again in either as html, doc, txt, pdf, or an ODT file.


The TypeWith.Me default interface


The Good
The Bad
- OSX/Win/Linux
- Web browser
- Internet connection
- Streamlined
- Does one thing and does it well
- Google Docs might do all these things and more

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