Public Conferencing Information

IT University phone/IP numbers

Phone numbers for equipment in the room
Phone number of Polycom conference phone (3A08): 7218 5150
IP number of Polycom video conference system (3A08):
Phone numbers for bridge (to be called when we have firewall trouble with partner)
NEW Bridge at Forskningsnettet:
First caller follows instructions to create a meeting room. Next callers follows instruction to enter meeting room.
Connecting to the Bridge via Computer:
Go to and enter your name and meeting ID.

Virtual Meeting Rooms
3A08 - ID: 614001
3A20 - ID: 614002
AUD1 - ID: 614003
AUD4 - ID: 614004

In order to access the meeting rooms, call

Partners Abroad

PKU: Peking University
Conference Phone: +86 10 61273624

Georgia Tech
No Information

Danish Universities

KU: Copenhagen University
LIFE (formerly known as KVL)
IP address:
For more info and contact persons, go here

AAU: Aarhus University
See info about VC equipment at different parts of AAU here (Danish only)

SDU: University of Southern Denmark
See info about VC equipment at SDU here.
Contact person: Torben Andresen, IT Service,

RUC: Roskilde University Center
To see contact information for the AV department, go here.
Other departments may need to be contacted, but not yet confirmed.

DTU: Danish Technological University
No information yet

CBS: Copenhagen Business School
No information yet

AUC: Aalborg University Center
No information yet


See link where forskningsnettet tries to store updated details on VC information for the different Danish Universities. Currently not updated.

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