tforteaching_logo.pngPrezi is a web-tool for creating presentations that are more visually interesting than traditional PowerPoint slides. This tool gives you a canvas that you can zoom in and out of, and thereby create more easily comprehensible slide shows that can give your audience a clear overview as well as supply them with small specific details.


Getting Started

- Visually Pleasing Presentations
- 100 MB Online Storage
- Collaborate with others
- Unique "Zoom" functionality
- Download Presentations
Pro Features
- 500 to 2000 MB Online Storage
- Make Content Private
- Add Customized Logo
- Prezi Desktop (work offline)
Point your web-browser to and create an account. Then click "New Prezi" and you are presented with your new Prezi. Prezi has incorporated a short tutorial the first time you open your Prezi - this will get you started nicely.



The Good
The Bad
Web Browser with Flash Support
Internet Connection
Free - Public
$59/md - Enjoy
$159/md - Pro
Different Spin on Presentations
Unique Possibilities
Might Capture Audience Better
Simple Tool
Browser Based (if not Pro)
Simple Tool
Complicated to Master