Setting up permissions on Wikispaces can be tricky. The wiki has 3 default settings for permissions, which I will go into a bit later. What I will focus on, is the CUSTOM permissions, since knowing these will make you understand how permissions on the IT University Wiki Site works.

First things first

To get it out of the way: it is not possible to manage permissions on a person to person basis. That being said, we have ways to control who can edit what, and to do this, we have 4 categories of users: 1) EVERYONE, 2) SIGNED-IN USERS, 3) WIKI MEMBERS ONLY and 4) ORGANIZERS ONLY. I will now describe every user category and afterwards explain how to use these categories to your advantage.


Obviously, this is the least restrictive of the options and as the name indicates, everyone (read PUBLIC) can see and/or edit the pages you make. Use this options cautiously!


The IT University Wiki is mainly exclusive to ITU staff and students. It is possible for outside partners to request access, but they will have to state their relation to ITU and the administrator of the Wiki will have to manually approve them. So by choosing "Signed-In Users", you will effectively grant access to ITU Staff & Students.


This options is a bit confusing, and in order to describe it I will need to explain a little more about the Wiki. As mentioned above, everyone who has an ITU-login can access the IT University Wiki, but they are not members any wikis by default. When you create a wiki, you are a member (and creator) of that wiki. You are then able to invite others to edit and collaborate in your wiki, and those people will be the "Wiki Members". Same goes if you are invited to participate on another wiki, you will become a wiki member of said wiki.


Being an organizer gives you more options in regards to setting up the wiki, and viewing pages and should therefore be reserved very trusted participants.