tforteaching_logo.pngOmmWriter is a minimalistic, stress-relieving writing tool, that encourages you to focus on what you are writing, instead of other less productive things.


Getting Started

- Clean user-interface
- 3 peaceful backgrounds
- 3 pieces of ambient music
- A word counter
- Very limited formatting options
- Export to .txt, .rtf, or .pdf
- Productivity
You can try it out right here. There are two version available; a free one called "OmmWriter Dana" and a version you can buy, called "OmmWriter Dana II". Essentially they are the same, but the latter features more background pictures and sounds. Unfortunately you need to type in your name and email in order to get access to the program - but fear not, they do not spam your email.
Of course due to the limited formatting options, if you are writing something that needs to be used officially, you will have to export your work and format it accordingly in a traditional wordprocessor at the end, but your writing experience will have been a much different one.

How to use

If you are feeling unmotivated writing using traditional wordprocessors, that has a cluttered interface and way too many functions for you to really to care about. Then this is where OmmWriter shines. It shuts down all notifications on your system and gives you a calm interface-free space to write in, where nothing will tempt your urge to procrastinate.



The Good
The Bad
  • MacOSX & PC
  • Audio/Headphones nice to have
  • Free
  • Pro-version (donation) $7+
  • Minimalistic interface
  • Soothing music
  • Exports to various formats
  • Very limited formatting options
  • No layout functionality