Stream lectures and events live from the IT University of Copenhagen.

We provide a live streaming solution at the moment, primarily focused on bigger events. It is a service based on, where we are able to broadcast and afterwards make the stream available instantly on demand. This kind of service adds a layer of interactivity to your events, since people who are watching online can supply with questions and have an effect of the physical event. Furthermore, it enables people from around the world to join in on events directly from IT University of Copenhagen, which serves as publicity and creates awareness of our university.

In order for us to support this solution, we will need you to contact us well in advance of the event (at least a couple of weeks), since it requires more preparation than setting up a single camera. Also, we will need to have the auditorium or room from where the livestream will take place available to us at least 1 hour before the event starts, so that we can set everything up securely.

Contact - rkje rkje for further information.

Watch our LiveStream channel here: itview_re-live_banner.jpg


This service is still in its early stages, but the following event has been streamed in its entirety:

You can watch everything that has been streamed in a slightly better quality here: