tforteaching_logo.pngGoogle Hangouts is the new way of making conference calls online. The service is tied into Google+ and allows you to have video and audio conversations with up to 9 other people. There are also ways of streaming the meeting directly to youtube, where it will be broadcasted and stored for later viewing. Also, it is integrated with Google Docs (drive) which makes it even more productive.


Getting Started

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In order to use Hangouts from Google, you will need a Google + account, which is available for free at

Once you have signed up, you can go to the Hangouts section and start a hangout. From there, you invite other participants via email or their Google + name.

The first time you run the Hangout, you might be prompted to install a small plugin to make the video and audio functionality work. This is perfectly safe and you are required to install it in order to create or participate in a Hangout.