tforteaching_logo.pngGoogle Docs (now Google Drive) is a basic word processor like Microsofts Word, lacking some of the more sophisticated options, but making up for that in usability, flexibility, and accessibility. With Google Docs you can share documents with a group of people, so that you can all contribute and ease the way groups work together.


Getting Started

To get started, you need a Google account. Go to - if you already have a Google account and you might already be signed in somewhere else, you will be taken to your Google docs manager screen. If not, you will be asked to either sign in or sign up for a Google account.

From the Google Drive home screen, you will be able to start a new document (Text document/Presentation/Spreadsheet/Form/Drawing).

Detailed Description

To describe everything you can do in Google Docs would be way too complicated and I would recommend you look at the Google Docs help section instead. I will spend a few moments describing some of the more unique features of Google Docs.

Collaborating with Others

One of the strong points of Google Docs is its collaboration features. If you are working in a group of two or more people and essentially need to work on the same document, you can do so with Google Docs. Add other people (with Google accounts) to your document and start typing together. The document will be updated in real time, meaning you can see what others are typing, as they are typing it - no need to refresh or have several version of the same document due to two people saving it at different times.

Sharing your Documents

Another strong point, is the ability to share your document with whomever you want and set the document privacy accordingly. A document has three different settings; Private, Private with specific link so you can choose who should be able to see it, and completely public. You can also choose if people should be allowed to edit your document or not.

Google Says it Best

I can write a lot of features down, but Google makes a lot of videos on exactly the strong points of their software. If you want to know more about Google Docs and its newest features, take a look at this video:


Again, way too many features to mention here - please go to the What's New page to see all the features Google Docs offers and are currently working on to implement.


Google Docs in Plain English:


The Good
The Bad
OSX, Windows or Linux
Web browser
A free Office-suit that works very well
Do you want everything to be with Google?

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