podcast_logo.pngVideo and sound productions are increasingly being used at universities in relation to teaching/learning activities.

Types of Videos

Video can be used to capture entire lectures, but it can also be used in a range of other situations;

  • Teachers can capture core pieces of their teaching as podcasts and use/reuse them during a lecture
  • Teachers can make parts of lectures available as preparation material and use the confrontation time to let the students work actively with the topic; e.g. in group discussions, exercises etc.
  • Teachers can use short podcast with expert interviews during a lecture or as introduction to exercises
  • Teachers can video-record students in various learning situations and use the recordings for teacher-to-student feedback
  • Students can video-record each other in various situations; interviews, personal/group presentations, group work etc. and use it in connection with peer-to-peer feedback
  • Students can create podcasts of productions or personal presentations and use them for self-presentation on a homepage or in an e-portfolio
  • Researchers can stream research conferences and interact with a distance audience.
  • Etc.

Video and audio have unexplored potential as mediums of learning, expression, reflection etc. related to university education. We wish to explore this potential beyond lecture capturing.

Below is a wish list of user scenarios that we have tried or aim to try out in the coming semesters:

Student showcasing
Presenting a product idea in the course "Interaction Design"
DMD A2009

Idea Pitching
In the course "game design", the students are introduced to the basics of pitching (what to do to pitch a product to a client). Prior to that lecture, the students are asked to pitch the game they are working on in a "real life" situation in the elevator of ITU, on the way up. The recordings are showed in the pitch lecture, and the students are then asked to repeat the pitch, based on a common analysis of their pitches.
Miguel A2009

The students were filming each other in an elevator while pitching an idea for a game
Student documenting and reflecting on process
Students learning a creative development method. The video is presented in an e-portfolio, which also includes reflection on the exercise.
DMD A2009

Video Brainstorming
Scetching and Prototyping Spring 2010

Student video communicating with distant project partners
The students were working with team-mates in China on a shared project, and used the video to help communicate
Jens Hedegaard A2009
Team 2 GSD S2010

Learning object #1
Teacher explains to camera
Phillipe Bonnet A2009
Learning object #2
Teacher is interviewed by visible student/s

Learning object #3
Teacher is interviewed by student/s behind the camera

Learning object #4
Teacher is having a dialogue with another teacher

Learning object #5
Teacher is interviewed by a journalist-type

Learning object #6
Students is explaining to other student/s

Learning object #6
Students is explaining to teacher

Students interview elderly citizen on exercise habits
Presentation of prototype
Link to portfolio page: http://miastigsnaes.dk

Presentation of design process
Link to portfolio page: http://miastigsnaes.dk