tforteaching_logo.pngAdobe Connect is a fully functional online meeting tool, available to you to make online collaboration a breeze. It is a Flash-based platform that combines video, audio and chat communication with extensive tools for presentation, collaboration, whiteboard, polls, quick links, etc.


- Audio conferencing (VoIP).
- Text conferencing (chat).
- Video conferencing.
- Power Point slides.
- Annotation tool.
- Application sharing.
- Document sharing.
- Whiteboards.
- File sharing.
- Poll tool.
- Recording.
- URL links
- And more

Getting Started

We have a deal with Forskningsnettet (Research Network of Denmark), that grants everyone who has an itu-login access to this service and enables them to invite guests, who are not necessarily part of the IT University.
To access Adobe Connect, go to, choose "IT-Universitetet i K├Şbenhavn" and login with your itu password.


Connect contains a lot of features, but to talk about some of the primary functionality, I will discuss three different scenarios that take advantage of Adobe Connect.

Remote Lecture

You might want to use Adobe Connect, if you are a teacher who wants to do a lecture for a class at a remote place. Using Adobe Connect for this scenario equips you with tools, similar to those of an auditorium, incl. slides, whiteboard (blackboard), and screen sharing. This way, you will be able to teach your class, even though you are situated in some remote location.

Online Classroom

You can use Adobe Connect to design complete online lectures, where all the students connect to the meeting room you have created. From there you can do teach as you would in a classroom, utilizing tools such as slides, whiteboard, screen sharing, polling, combined notes, divide class into working groups, etc.

Collaborative Meeting

You can use Adobe Connect to setup meetings with research partners and share ideas, as you would if you met face to face. If you cannot meet face to face, this kind of online collaboration is the next best thing.


Screenshots of how to get started with Adobe Connect will be added soon.


  • Fairly modern computer
  • Browser
  • Flash
  • (Webcam & Microphone)
Free, due to
  • Multiple options in one package
  • Easy way of collaborating
  • Many options might be overwhelming
  • Can be buggy at times